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Project management
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1. How to move around Caflou πŸ“Ί 2. ⭐ Learn the Caflou basics and logic πŸ“Ίβ­ 3. How to invite users to Caflou and work with user rights πŸ“Ί 4. Be safer with Two-step authentication πŸ“– 5. How to integrate a Caflou Calendar into your Google Calendar πŸ“– 6. How to obtain access token for API, Integromat or Zapier πŸ“– 7. How to upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive πŸ“– 8. How to work with Cashflow πŸ“Ί 9. How to read in the Cashflow graph πŸ“Ί 10. How to track VAT in Cashflow πŸ“Ί 11. How to manually import data into Cashflow πŸ“Ί 12. How to import data to Caflou πŸ“ΊπŸ“– 13. How to work with tags πŸ“– 14. How to duplicate projects πŸ“– 15. How to start a video conference CAFLOU MEET πŸ“– 16. How to work with Kanban boards πŸ“Ί 17. How to create an automatic process / workflow πŸ“Ί 18. How to create a project or task directly from email πŸ“– 19. How to work with a Gantt chart πŸ“Ί 20. How to save filters in reports πŸ“– 21. How to respond to notifications directly from email πŸ“– 22. How to create or send invoices in foreign languages πŸ“– 23. How to work with the Workload reports πŸ“Ί 24. How to work with the Team Economics report πŸ“Ί 25. How to change VAT/TAX for income or expense πŸ“Ί 26. How to integrate CAFLOU and QuickBooks via CAFLOU Connector πŸ“Ί 27. How to work with templates in CAFLOU πŸ“Ί 28. How to work with data extraction from invoices πŸ“Ί 29. How notifications and objects following work πŸ“– 30. How to create regularly recurring projects πŸ“Ί 31. How to integrate CAFLOU and Xero via CAFLOU Connector πŸ“Ί 32. How to personalize CAFLOU πŸ“Ί 33. How to integrate CAFLOU and Zoho Books via CAFLOU Connector πŸ“Ί 34. How to correct Cashflow values to the required level πŸ“– 35. How to work with regular exports πŸ“Ί 35. Income and expense rates and project rates πŸ“Ί 36. How to work with maps of projects, tasks and events πŸ“Ί 37. How to comment using audio messages or audio transcripts into text πŸ“– 38. How to share projects and tasks externally πŸ“Ί 39. How to synchronize e-mail communication πŸ“Ί 40. How to work with payment rules πŸ“– 41. What are financial data and ratings πŸ“– 42. How to integrate CAFLOU and FreshBooks via CAFLOU Connector πŸ“Ί 43. How to connect a bank account for invoice matching and cash flow πŸ“– 44. How to create itemized project budget πŸ“– 45. How to work with online payments (PayPal, Stripe) πŸ“– 46. How to integrate CAFLOU and WooCommerce via CAFLOU Connector πŸ“– 47. How to record holidays and absences πŸ“Ί 48. How to manage contracts in Caflou πŸ“Ί 49. How to digitally sign contracts directly from Caflou πŸ“Ί 50. How to administer users πŸ“ΊπŸ“– 51. How to work with custom graphical reports πŸ“Ί 52. How to create custom "variant" Kanban boards πŸ“Ί 53. How to use maps in Caflou πŸ“– 53. How to set up relationship between types and states of projects and tasks πŸ“– 54. How to work with custom attributes πŸ“– 55. How to work with web forms πŸ“– 56. How to authenticate a domain to send messages from Caflou on behalf of your own domain πŸ“– 57. How to connect e-mail inbox πŸ“–