• We exclusively use an encrypted HTTPS (A grade – Qualys SSL labs) connection
  • We save your passwords only in encrypted form – they cannot be retrieved
  • We offer optional two-step authentication
  • You will find three levels of security in the application:
    1. User log-in
    2. User account authorization
    3. User rights in account and in objects
  • Backups
    1. In Caflou deleted items are first sent to the trash in the user’s account where they are automatically deleted after 30 days
    2. The recycling bin can be manually emptied to remove files from the account instantly
    3. Within 14 days of deletion, we can renew items stored in periodic backups
    4. Backups take place at least once a day and are deleted after a period of 14 days
  • IPv6 ready
  • CASA TIER 2 verified (validation report)