Manage and grow your accounting practice in 1 tool

Manage your organisation & your clients, cash flow, time or your team in a single business management system.

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Organize work with Kanban boards or plan timelines with Gantt charts


Reduce redundant or automate task management


Get team members to collaborate


Access every detail or manage work from anywhere


Build great transparency with clients, collaborate and communicate


Manage business and project finances, cash flow and profitability, all for effective accounting practice

Efficient work and project management

  • Manage all client projects, tasks, deadlines and timelines, all case files, logs, timesheets, documents and clients details within a single software.
  • Organize tasks visually with Kanban boards or plan timelines with Gantt charts.
  • Reduce chances of human error, redundancy and complicated search mechanisms by managing everything under one hood and with automation.
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team collaboration

  • Get your and client teams to collaborate seamlessly by sharing assets, feedbacks, issues¬†and status on a single system.
  • Track and manage the time, utilization, revenue and cost associated with every team member.
  • Utilise the comments, chat or notifications to ease giving feedback on tasks, documents, files, timesheets etc.¬†
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Well-arranged Client Management

  • Create and manage sales pipeline from leads to closures. Even use automation to set up projects or tasks.
  • Take control of your client's entire portfolio of activities, from offers, projects, tasks, and timesheets to invoices, from one place.
  • Transparently communicate the status, time, cost of your clients' projects with them.
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Manage your Business Economics

  • Plan your business cashflow to prevent economic problems in time.
  • Manage your clients' projects budgets.
  • Track your sales activities from offers to invoices.
  • Keep track of where you and your team spend time, how much each project, client or even¬†teammate earns and costs.
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CAFLOU fits any use case, eg

Automate manual activities with automated workflows
Manage work with Gantt charts or Kanban boards
Plan resource allocation with workload reports
Manage data, documents and files securely
Automate reporting or invoicing
Manage accounting practice efficiently
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In the words of our customers

Makes my job easier¬†ūüėČ

For me, the only known comprehensive application for company spending and earning, and for project planning at the same time.

Caflou helped me clearly define costs, keep track of subcontracts, deadlines and overall improved work efficiency.

Finally,¬†I have a better insight into what I really do and whether it is financially worthwhile.¬†And thanks to cashflow, I have finally got to¬†understand¬†why many activities have¬†not made a profit for a long time. It's just a great thing!¬†ūüôā

Caflou is the only complex software available for real cashflow management, monitoring, scheduling, modelling and projection of cash flows in the company or on projects

Caflou helps me keep track of job orders, billing and work disctribution.