Everything for successful business management in one place

Make full use of your potential with a complex system for time and work planning and managing teams, projects, finances and customer relations. Track and plan cash flow. Invoice effortlessly. Save time and money thanks to work automation.

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Time management

Work effectively

  • Plan activities, establish priorities, delegate tasks, share documents, communicate. You’ll have everything in one place, but you’ll be able to work from anywhere.
  • Track the status and progress of projects using modern tools like Gantt charts or Kanban boards.
  • Set up your own dashboards, reports and overviews. Keep tabs on everything that’s important.

Increase team performance

  • Plan team workload, assign tasks based on available capacities.
  • Easily track and report work and time spent on each project and task.
  • Evaluate the profitability of the projects or each team member.

It really helped the company’s performance and atmosphere to have all information and communication in one place and always available. It took away a lot of stress and confusion.

David Škaroupka
Managing Director, Ilios

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Project management

Run profitable projects

  • Manage project profitability thanks to well-arranged budgets.
  • Plan and control project expenses and income, from itemized budgets to project rates and cash flow.
  • Invoice directly from a project, record received invoices from suppliers.

Keep everything you need for project management at your fingertips – and more.

  • Plan and manage projects and tasks using modern tools like WBS, Gantt charts or Kanban boards.
  • Communicate in projects with colleagues and customers using comments, chat, videoconferencing or email.
  • Do away with manual data entering via smart automations.

We keep all our expenses in Caflou. This allows us to look at all projects over the last two years and precisely determine their costs. It helps us in setting up project budgets.

Miroslav Adamec
Project Manager, coalsoft

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Customer relations

Keep your business activities fully under control

  • See a complete overview of clients and suppliers at any time. Contacts, offers, contracts, invoices, projects, documents – everything is in one place and immediately available.
  • Track business cases and manage the course of individual projects to ensure their profitability.
  • Effectively predict future sales and their impact on the company’s cash flow.

Automate business processes

  • Make use of automations and digitalize your business activities – from automated task creation and assignment to digital contract signatures and invoicing.
  • Verify the financial status and payment morale of your business partners in one click.
  • Create offers, orders and contracts and invoice directly from Caflou.

Thanks to more effective project management, our error rate has gone down and our business productivity has gone up.

David Škaroupka
Managing Director, Ilios

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Invoicing and finances

Invoice effortlessly

  • Save time and work by using invoicing automation, send regular invoices, let customers pay by card.
  • Easily create invoices directly from offers or timesheets, keep track of received and issued invoices for every project in an organized manner.
  • Automatically export data into the accounting programs you’re using and match payments with all European banks.

Plan and predict

  • Automate financial management, link invoicing with cash flow and movements on your bank account.
  • Track and manage financial activities in one place, from offers to invoicing. You can also use the inventory or pricelist.
  • Keep an overview of costs for each project, each client or employee, and also on the profit they’re bringing in.

Caflou has made invoicing significantly faster and more organized. Thanks to automations, using the system is easy for everyone in the company.

Balázs Ormándlaki
CEO, Drive Online Marketing

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Company financial health

Track, plan and manage cash flow

  • Track and keep tabs on income and expenses – plan cash flow not only for the whole company, but also by each customer, supplier or individual project.
  • Automatically import incoming and outgoing payments from banks from all of Europe, or income and expenses from accounting programs. You can track and predict VAT to be paid or returned.
  • Track all income and expenses in logically-arranged reports. Set up your own quick filters and overviews and easily export graphs.

Cash-flow planning is now much easier with Caflou. We can track income and expenses over the course of days and individual projects, which is a great advantage in this frequent age of working from home.

Arvydas Kublickas
CEO, NJ Optimal

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Work automation

Utilize smart planning and organization

  • Do away with routine work and manually entering data while minimizing error rate.
  • Easily set up your own automatic business processes.
  • Create projects or tasks from templates via email or completely automate them based on rules that you set up yourself.
  • Synchronize data with the other applications you’re using.

Make your financial agenda clearer and simpler

  • Use smart tools to effectively plan company cash flow and manage the financial health of your projects.
  • Link issued and received invoices, cash flow and movements on your account in any European bank.
  • Easily create offers, contracts, orders and invoices, even directly from a project.

Automation in Caflou has helped us do away with routine mechanical work and the stress that accompanies it.

Igor Pavelek
Co-founder & VP Operations, Pygmalios

Why you’ll like using Caflou

Start today for free, with no risks involved, and you’ll see the difference.

Why you’ll like using Caflou

It’s professional and complex

  • Replaces the majority of tools that you’re using at present.
  • Functions are logically connected and linked to each other.
  • Constantly and quickly evolving.
  • Keeps your data safe and in one spot.

It’s affordable and always worth it

  • The best value for your money on the market.
  • You can use it for free before purchasing.
  • According to our customers’ experience, it can save up to a week of work per month.

Easy to use

  • Caflou is intuitive and easy to control.
  • It has quick customer support. No robots, just people.
  • It’s flexible and will adapt to your needs.
  • You’ll get all the important information immediately via notifications.
  • It’s available on both PC and smart phone 24/7 from anywhere.

Make full use of company potential

  • Increase productivity
  • Simplify cooperation
  • Gain control

Why do bosses love Caflou?

Thanks to Caflou, I have a much better overview of the company’s operation. I’m calmer and more self-confident, because I know I can look up any information I need in the system. The unified system also works professionally.

Igor Pavelek
Co-founder & VP Operations, Pygmalios, 23 employees

Why do bosses love Caflou?

Without Caflou

  • They were using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business app, putting data down on sticky notes and paper.
  • They lacked an overview of cash flow.
  • They were constantly worried about forgetting something.
  • They were making errors in project management and missing details in the assignments.

With Caflou

  • Invoicing became simpler.
  • They gained an overview of cash flow.
  • Project management became simpler. They can easily look up tasks for a specific person, they have precise information on who’s working on what, and what’s being dealt with at the moment.
  • They‘re working effectively and saving a lot of time.