⛑️ How Caflou helps, how users like it (words and reviews of our customers)

Makes my job easier 😉

I just wanna say a congrats to you and for your team. It is so good to see that you always make some development on your platform and the feeling at the other side is; it is just more serious day by day. Your team is always quick and helpful and really predictable. So I am a very satisfied client of yours thanks for your work and attention, efforts. Keep going Caflou!

Marcell S.
Owner, theimpacter.com

Finally, I have a better insight into what I really do and whether it is financially worthwhile. And thanks to cashflow, I have finally got to understand why many activities have not made a profit for a long time. It's just a great thing! 🙂

Caflou helps me keep track of job orders, billing and work disctribution.

For me, the only known comprehensive application for company spending and earning, and for project planning at the same time.

Caflou is the only complex software available for real cashflow management, monitoring, scheduling, modelling and projection of cash flows in the company or on projects

Caflou helped me clearly define costs, keep track of subcontracts, deadlines and overall improved work efficiency.

I have not experienced a better system, and have done business and sales for several companies ... it is obvious that someone was thinking about it practically!

I am extremely satisfied.

I like your software very much. It really helps with my work records.

Your service, the flexibility and presentation of your system so far... is superior to the competition!

Your system is almost nearly perfect, it helped me unify almost all the activities that I had to deal with through several programs, e-mail, diary and countless papers and documents.

Tomáš Dočkal
Dotchi Tailors

Před Caflou jsem zkoušel i jiné nástroje a Caflou mi přijde elegantnější a přehlednější než konkurence. 

I have everything in one place and not have to log into multiple programs.

You have a SUPERB support!

I was looking for a simple project management software, including a cashflow report and management. And I found it here.

Impecable five star support!!

I can save my time with this software. Especially I like the options to make invoices quickly and share them very easily. The whole team and especially Customer rep is a very kind guy and I can see on him, that he really wanna help out people like me to solve their problems and make their life easier.


With Caflou I have been working for 6 years. I implemented it into marketing agency and this step was very easy. Process in Caflou are intuitive and technical support is max. helpful. I also use this software as a freelancer and it helps me manage projects and each tasks.

Kamil F.

And many more reviews and praise